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Executive Summary

This report explores and assesses the acquisition that has been proposed to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) by Visy to take over the PET and plastic assets of HP Industries. It shows the influence that the market structure has on the companies and the industry, as well as the major role that the ACCC plays in determining whether proposed mergers and takeovers are viable and do not restrict competition. In assessing the proposed acquisition, it can be seen that it will effect and impact on major areas of the market as well as the companies' key stakeholders. The report concludes by indicating the benefits and acceptability of Visy's proposed acquisition of HP's assets.


Visy Industries Australia Pty Ltd, Australia's largest packaging and recycling company, has provided its submission for seeking clearance from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission's (ACCC) for the proposed acquisition of the PET and plastic assets of HP Industries (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission 2012).

With the acceptance of the proposed acquisition, Visy's takeover of HP's assets will have a number of effects on external market factors and various stakeholders. This report will aim to examine the market factors influencing the acceptability of Visy's acquisition over HP's assets. It will then outline the role of the ACCC in regards to corporate mergers and takeovers. Finally, it will assess the effects of this takeover and display the acceptability of Visy's attainment of HP's assets.


When determining the viability of Visy's proposed acquisition, the ACCC must consider the numerous influences and stakeholders that are involved in the Australian 'Packaging Industry'. In previous matters, the ACCC has had regard to the relationship between Pact and Visy, and must now consider the impact that this relationship will have on the effectiveness of...