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"Love is not forever. In fact for most people it last no more than 30 months" (Harlow). For Alex and Sam their relationship blossomed and extinguished within 24 months. They fully experience the life cycle of relationships. They go through all ten sub-stages, from the first stage initiating, to the last stage terminating. The termination of their relationship occurs for many reasons: the poor conflict management style the chose to use, in order to attempt to resolve their problems.

The three levels of conflict that arise, that influence the style of talk they use during the argument, and the universal conception of love played on. Self-disclosure and the Johari window which plays a role throughout the sub-stages of their relationships.

There are two stages in the life cycle of relationships. Coming together and coming apart, each of these stages have five sub-stages. Under coming together there is: initiating, experimenting, intensifying, integrating and bonding.

Initiating is the first sub-stage where the commencement of a relationship begins. Were one person begins a conversation with another, through invitational communication.

The goals of this first attempt is to "make contact and express interest" (Tubbs/Moss,p.268). Scan each other for any similarities and positive responses. In the Saga of Alex and Sam, Alex is the one who initiates the conversation with Sam, by saying hi and asking a question. "Hi, didn't I see you in English last semester?" From there the conversation continues and they scan each other for cues on reciprocal interest into one another. They show immediate interest in each other by complementing one another a number of times, flirting, and agreeing on going to see a movie together on the very day they met. Alex's asks "Want to go see a movie?" and Sam replies "I'd love to. Even if...