The Vital Environment

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The environment is a strongly arguable issue in today's world of highly dense populations and forever growing technologies. People rely daily on the use of cars for example as means of transportation to and from their work. People travel far distances much more than they used to a century ago due to the ease of traveling by plane, and the fact that they will reach their destinations in a matter of hours. The point is, for such great advantages that we take for granted, comes an even greater disadvantage, the destruction of our environment. We are abusing our home. Something has to be done to help save the environment for the sake of our children and grandchildren, for their health and our health, and for the natural beauty of earth itself.

There are mainly three strong sources of pollution in general which are: water pollution, waste pollution, and air pollution.

From their names you can acknowledge that the third type "air pollution", is the most harmful due to the fact that we as well as animals and plants breathe it in. The noxious gases emitted by automobiles, industrial factories and power plants such as sulfur-dioxide and carbon-dioxide are very harmful to our health and the health of animals, causing damage to the lungs and intoxicating our respiratory system and those of animals. People living near power plants and factories are more likely to live a shorter life than those living in the clean atmosphere of the mountains far from pollution. Scientists believe that all cities with populations exceeding 50,000 have some degree of air pollution (Encyclopedia Britannica, 2004).

Carbon-monoxide also emitted from car exhausts and factories is a strong damaging greenhouse gas. Automobiles also release nitrogen oxide contributing 30% of NOx in the earth's atmosphere over the 76%...