'Vital resources to prevent further destruction of the Earth.

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Earth is in a bad shape and there is a possibility that an ecological catastrophe awaits us in the future. This is because Man is destroying the Earth through deforestation, pollution, wastage of natural resources and so on. If Man wants their future generations to be able to live in a place where animals still roams and grass still grows, it is time for them to wake up and start conserving the vital resources that are depleting at an alarming rate.

Conservation simply means the careful usage of Earth's resources such as water, land and fossil fuels. There are several ways we can adopt to conserve these precious resources and these ways can be categorized under four levels of conservation efforts. They are international, regional, national and individual efforts.

Firstly, international effort comes from the large-scale organizations. Examples of organizations are Agenda 21 and World-Wide Federations (WWF). Organizations are set up to come up with standards so that countries in the world can follow.

These standards are often laid out after much heated discussion. Countries who have pledged to adhere to these standards will come up with a series of solutions to tackle the cause of environmental problem in their countries so that the environmental conditions are kept within the set standards. Henceforth, organizations help to prevent further deterioration of the environmental conditions.

Secondly, regional efforts are also required to bring about conservation of resources, Countries in the same region can understand one another's situation better. Talks can be held to discuss issues on conservation. This is beneficial for the countries in that region since whatever actions carried out by a country can directly affect the neighboring countries. For instance, countries in the ASEAN send representatives to congregate and discuss and come up with solutions for the haze problem which...