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Viticulture essay -

The location of Rutherglen Estate Winery was placed in the city of Rutherglen, the location was selected to advertise tp the tourist and the people of Rutherglen about the winery and vineyard. The location was a prime location to Increase visitors.

The winery is located 384 kms north west of Melbourne and about 96 kms east of Albury- Wodonage.

;Located of double lane Hume highway, helps fasten transportation.

The winery is owned by group of investors in Victoria and NSW.

;Location is close to water and a dam is near.

;The water come from river, bore water

;Worth about 3.5 million

;WET tax, GST, export - import system.

;In the European market less wine is being consumed than was obvious ten to twenty years ago. This is especially the case with Italy and France where consumption has dropped from a peak of 150 bottles a head to around 60.

This trend towards less consumption has been due to a few key issues. Workers in factories and on production lines no longer have wine with their lunch due to workplace reforms. An increased global awareness of the hazards of drink driving has also seen consumption drop.

Consumers are now tending toward a higher quality of wine, referred to as the premium market. This has seen the consumer spending more money on average per bottle with these increases due to more than the effects of inflation. As people are going out and drinking less, they seem to focus on the quality and not the quantity.

;Another global trend is that of women drinkers. Men on the whole used to far out drink the ladies due to their limitations both physically and what was expected socially. It is turning out that the alcoholic beverage of choice for most women is...