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Executive Summary

The following information is in relation to the issue of social responsibility within organisations. The purpose of the report is to provide a detailed analysis in regard to strengthening the concept of social responsibility amongst twenty-first-century companies along with explaining the degree of importance that social responsibility acts on the organisation internally and their community. Throughout the report several findings suggest that as today's organisations operate under tighter laws and legislation, management now regularly faces decisions that have a dimension of moral responsibility. These include employee relations, corporate philanthropy, resource conversation, product quality and safety and doing business in countries that violate human rights. Basically in order to maximise financial returns over the long run, organisations must accept some social obligations and the costs that go with them. Finally the report recommends that firms should be seen by society to be playing an activist role in improving society by involving themselves in their community and contributing to charitable organisations.

The case study "Being Green" refers to a native Belgium called Gunter Pauli now living in the city of Tokyo, Japan. Mr. Pauli is a businessman who concentrates on been a social entrepreneur believing that as organisations operate in the twenty-first-century their efforts must be divided between not only been financially sustainable, but socially sustainable as well meaning that a firm needs the capacity to adapt to changing societal conditions. Mr. Pauli's aim is to create manufacturing facilities that function to completely abolish waste by reusing or recycling all the raw materials they take in. Additionally Mr. Pauli is the former CEO of a Belgium company Ecover that produces cleaning products from natural soaps and renewable raw materials, operating at a near-zero-emission factory. Ecover develops high-technology products based on a mastery of the chemistry of renewable resources in order...