Vivisection (Experimentation on living animals)

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Vivisection (Experimentation on living animals) began as early as the 17th century by Philosopher Jeremy Bentham. Bentham rejected the theory (by Philosopher Rene Descartes) "That animals are not able to reason and therefore do not feel pain and suffering." Betham's theory on animals was "The question is not can they reason, nor can they talk but can they suffer?"

Cosmetics testing on living animals began in 1933 after a lady who was applying mascara got it in her eye and she went blind. Then in 1938 the Food and Drug Administration passed the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act to protect the public from unsafe food, drugs and cosmetics.

Two of the most common animal test are the Draize Test (named after FDA scientist John Draize) and the LD50 (Leathal Dose 50). The Draize Test involves dropping a substance directly into an animals eyes (usually an albino rabbit) and watching to see what happens.

The LD50 involves force feeding a substance to a group of animals until 50% of the group has died.

Because of this I am very much against vivisection as it is cruel and inhumane.

The Lies They Tell

There are two sides to this argument the side of the scientist and people that are for vivisection versus the people and scientists that are against vivisection.

Lie 1-Scientists say that animals are properly anaesthetised during painful or uncomfortable experiments.

Lie 2-Many supporters of vivisection claim that animal experiments are required by law for all drugs, cosmetics and other chemicals.

Lie3-Scientists accuse those who oppose vivisection of caring more for animals than for humans.

The Truth

Here is the truth about the lies that scientists and people for vivisection tell.

Truth 1-They suggest that animals are properly anaesthetized during painful or uncomfortable experiments but this simply...