The Vixen And The Beast

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Sex. It is what sells in today?s society. Looking at both men and women in today?s pop culture of music videos and racy magazines, this common theme is seen throughout everything, from the clothes models wear, to how they look. Men and women of today?s society have become obsessed with the image of the femme fatal and the masculine hero. The media has a profound impact on every person in America, from magazines and television to even the songs played on the radio, gender roles of men and women are defined by its standards. But what drives this contemporary culture into this way of thinking? One could maybe say that the answer to this question lies in the rebellion from years of a conservative way of life, where women were condemned to long skirts and men were made to actually have manners. Or maybe it is the simple idea to make everyone who is not a supermodel feel that they must in someway achieve that look or be destined to a life of being a plain housewife.

In today?s information society of mass media, these two main ideas of women, the housewife and the vixen, are seen over again and again. The funny thing is that they are completely contradicting of each other. On one hand, women are expected to be a temptress- sexy, seductive, and beautiful ? a complete fantasy based on men?s dreams and desires. But on the other hand, women are portrayed as the simple, plain, and perfect housewife - mop in one hand, kid in the other, ready to take on the challenges of the dirt that threatens her impeccably clean home. This leads to the question of what a woman is exactly supposed to be today? The smoldering temptress or the frumpy, yet clean housewife?...