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The Bride started thinking about what she could do to get out this unknown place when a group of little people picked her up and started to carry her off. She screamed at them to let her down but they wouldn't listen. As they carried her down this familiar street, she noticed that this looked a lot like her own neighborhood. She also noticed that the little people looked like neighbors and friends that she also knew. Everything that she was familiar with seemed to have shrunken. She was a midget, a vertically challenged old person, nothing could help her now. She gazed up at the world above as everything seemed to pass her by. She tried not to hurt, she tried to stay calm but she had lost it now. She raised her fists and shook them in the air, "Where the yell am I!" she cried towards the sky.

Shortly after a courteous man gave her a reply. "This is the place where you go when it's over, there's no guide to give not even a four leaf clover." He spoke in rhyme to make matters worse then he drove off gazing at me from the back of a hearse. It was all over now so I knew what to do, I would go see my friends still living and see this thing through. I went to my friend Rachel's house and she was there on the floor, she was sobbing like mad and I feared what's in store. "Why did she leave me, why did she have to die" I tried not to cry, for it was me she spoke of getting to say goodbye.

I had died in a car wreck, and a gory one at that, I had flown off a cliff like a bloody acrobat. In the trunk the accident had felt serene, I felt no pain or anger towards Christine. She had driven the car right over the edge, crying out ...Luckily I jumped out of the car barely saving my life but she was gone and guess what the midgets where after me now with my luck I found a cave to hide in for a while until it was clear but right when I was about to go out of the cave a big enormous cyclopse walked in and closed the hole with a rock, I was thinking to myself at that moment have' nt I read or heard this before somewhere, anyways I had to find away to get out.

So here I was in this stupid cave with nothing to do and i needed a shave. So i figured I had nothing to lose so I went to the back of the cave and was feeling around when the wall gave in and there were some little goblins. What the yell I cried as I started running, but man were they fast and as I was being hogtied I muttered this is stupid and was wondering why I wasn't feeling any pain then I woke up because there was a lot of yelling i screamed and they opened it up and I was from that nightmare.