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I looked around my efficiency apartment. I was laying on one of the two small beds that were in the house. I looked to the side to see the old table. Its condition showed clearly that it was way beyond its age. The TV was probably the most expensive thing that was currently in the house except the ring on my finger. I got the TV in Pappy's Thrifts and Stuff. It was sitting on the table that was once used to iron clothes on. On top of it there is a picture of me with a medal for finishing first in track about twenty years ago. There was a couch, that's where I used to lay after I get home from work. The Oriental rug that I bought a while back covered the kitchen. One word came to my mind poor, meager and every negative word you can think of life.

Then I looked at the most precious things that I have in my life, my two kids, Sean and Tia. Their age displayed their innocence them sleeping in the bed. I know school is stressful, I know they face the same problem that I face everyday. I smiled at them prayed to god to let them know that I will always love them. I slipped my hand under my pillow, took the icy feeling .38. It felt heavy and I knew that it would take a lot out of me to squeeze the trigger, the little metal that snatches the life right out of the living soul. I understood this was the last resort I put it in coat looked down to see if it looked like I had anything. It looked fine. I was ready to do anything for my kids and I knew that I would. I looked at my kids one more time. Then I walked out of my apartment. Why did I reach this resolution? Six months ago at this time, I was ready for a promotion, now I am ready to shoot any motherfucker who gets in my way I can die, but I will