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Organizational Development - Executing Change in a Hostile Environment

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Organizational Development - Executing Change in a Hostile Environment


This research on organizational development is the outgrowth of a detailed analysis on Organizational Change while executing change in hostile environment. Simply looking at the organizational process by which this study was organized told us a lot about the state of research on this topic. As I began to search the literature and talk to our colleagues, we found that the community of scholars who produced high quality "academic research" and also had more than a casual knowledge of the transition economies was very limited. A few "Western" organizational scholars have done research in transition economies, but in general it is not a topical area of interest within the field of organizational studies in the same way that it is in the fields of economics, political science, or sociology.

In contrast, those scholars who have the greatest knowledge of organizational issues in transition economies tend to be those who are native to the individual countries. Unfortunately, much of their best work is not published in Western journals, and their work is often addressed to a broader audience concerned with a far more practical agenda than our academic research journals (Dennis L. Johnson, 2004).

According to the expert analysis management of culture is one of the mainly often discussed organizational concepts of the last two or three decades. Originating from the United States and Japan, "culture" was rapidly dispersed by many big private sector companies in a broad range of nations where it reverberate with the "enterprise culture." It has smooth become a cure-all for a large number...