"VOD: Freedom's Obligation" Voice of democracy paper eplains freedom and your obligation to protect it and such

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How much do you value you freedom? Is it worth your life? To many veterans in this country it is and always will be. Freedom's obligation doesn't just depend on them though, it lives in each and everyone of us. Something as simple as taking off you hat as the "National Anthem" is sung, rings true to everyone of us who values our freedom.

Freedom's obligation; to clarify this subject, lets break it down into parts. Freedom, when you think of freedom in The United States of America you think of being free from tyranny and communism and having the free right to choose our rulers. More often than not, freedom is taken for granted. We go to the polls to vote for our government officers, or we engage in a friendly conversation with coworkers about our views on government, and we lose sight from where these freedoms came from.

They came from the battle fields. Won like prizes in a deadly game. Soldiers fought and won for sake of those freedoms and we should respect them for it

Now, for the second half, Obligation. The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines obligation as "a contract that legally or morally binds one to a certain course of action." For us as U.S. citizens the contract is completely moral. Our obligation runs through our blood like water through a cavern. To thank a veteran when we get the chance, or to take off our hat during the "National Anthem" are all clearly signs that we are fulfilling our obligation to our country.

Now what happens when we put the two together? We get freedom's obligation which has an entirely whole new meaning. Think of it like this, a moral contract that bind us to honor our freedom. Meaning, that...