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Chapter 1: Aims and ObjectivesPurpose of the study: we will study in this report about the challenges and threats Vodafone had to face when they were investing in Romania. We will further see how they collaborated with the existing mobile phone company (Connex) and how they then moved ahead and captured the whole Romanian cell phone market.

Aims of the study: my aim in this study would be to explain and clarify all the activities which Vodafone did in Romania. My aim is to see this investment project, by Vodafone, through all aspects.

IntroductionVodafone Group (Vodafone) is a mobile telecommunications company, with its operations in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific and the US through its subsidiary undertakings, associated undertakings and investments. The company provides a range of mobile telecommunications services, including voice and data telecommunications. Vodafone also has a controlling interest in a non-mobile telecommunications business in Germany.

It also has arrangements to market certain of its services in additional territories, through partner networks, without the need for equity investment.

The company has equity interests in 27 countries, through its subsidiary undertakings, associated undertakings and investments. It has partner network arrangements furthering about 33 countries. At the end of June 2006, the company had 186.8 million customers globally. The company operates through two business divisions: mobile telecommunications, and other operations.

The mobile telecommunications provides a range of voice and data mobile telecommunications services, including text messages (short message service, SMS), picture messages (multi media message, MMS) and other data services, and is developing and provides service offerings, particularly through third generation (3G) mobile technology, which is being deployed across the majority of the company's operations. Services are provided to consumers and corporate customers, through a variety of both prepaid and contract tariff arrangements.

The mobile services are currently...