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Voice Recognition

The future is here Computers deciphering speech. Voice recognition along with other new advances in technology are going to vastly increase the accessibility and function of personal computers. As viable working speech recognition software reaches the people the way we work with computers will be transformed.

How soon will we have the voice recognition software? Three companies; Dragon Systems, Lernout & Hawspie and IBM, are selling remarkably good software that lets you speak into a microphone to dictate documents and control your PC. The programmers certainly have their work cut out for them.

This hands-free technology will allow our words per minute to be dictated by our ability to express coherent ideas verbally, versus our typing skills. We may have to tolerate some limited command interactions as the software evolves, but expect to see greater accessibility for people with less computer skills.

Those with the latest in guidance and navigational technology in their automobiles will now be able to compute on the commute.

Whether or not these advancements will increase comunication among people remains to be seen.

I personally am excited at the thought of having this technology at my side in the not so distant future. I believe as the technology continues to be refined, voice interfacing will become the best option. Technology advancements have brought us an ease of use, which with continuing development promises to draw more people closer yet to their PC's. Fifteen years ago computers were a hobby at best for the public at large. With the rapid pace of advancements, one can only imagine what the next fifteen years hold in store.

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