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What comes out of a volcano?


*Tephra (Rock Fragments)


Why does a volcano erupt?

A volcano erupts when magma and gas finds a way to escape. The eruption can be gentle and/or violent.

Types of Volcanoes

*Active - erupts often

*Dormant - also referred to as sleeping

hasn't erupted in a while

*Extinct - Has not erupted for at least 100,000 years


What is it?

A volcano is an opening in the planet's surface or crust which allows hot magma, volcanic ashes and gases to escape from the surface.

How many in the world?

There are approximately 1510 volcanoes in the world.

People and Volcanoes

*They can affect the land and the people around them

*They can kill due to the poisonous gas that comes from it

*Clouds of ash covers plants and make them unsuitable for eating

*The dust left behind due to the eruption can causes illnesses for survivors

Why do volcanoes form?

*Plate tectonics

*The plates at the mantle slide

*The plates move and collide with other plates

Where do volcanoes form?

*Fault lines

*Hot spots

*Ring of fire

Where the name comes from?

"Vulcan" the Roman god of fire


An erupting volcano can change the earth quickly.

Volcano comes from the name "Vulcan" the Roman god of fire. All volcanoes have different shapes, sizes and types of eruptions. They are very powerful and unpredictable. Volcanoes are an astonishment to nature. They are awesome manifestations of what fiery power the Earth holds within. They tend to exist along the edges between tectonic plates.

Classified by the extent of their activity, there are three types of volcanic activity. They include: active volcano, dormant volcano and extinct volcano. An active volcano is one that regularly erupts. A dormant volcano is one that has not erupted...