Volcanoes (montserat & Mount Saint Helens)

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Using volcanic eruptions you have studied, explain to what extent causes, effects and responses differ in MEDCs and LEDCs.

Mount Saint Helens & Mount Merapi

4 and a half billion years have given us a world full of extraordinary landscapes. Earth is a dynamic and restless planet on which continents move and collide, creating volcanoes. Even though volcanoes are the most fundamental force on the planet, they destroy lots and lots of lives and ruin entire landscapes. In this essay I will be discussing two volcanoes; one in and MEDC; Mount Saint Helens and the other is and LEDC; Mount Merapi.


The volcano Mount Saint Helens is in Washington, in the North West USA. It is located in the Cascade mountain range. Mount Saint Helens is known for its massive eruption on may the 18th in 1980 at 8.30 AM. A 5.1 magnitude earthquake triggered the eruption. Before 1980, the volcano did not erupt for 130 years.

["Mt St Helens Case Study."]

Developmental level of country

The GDP per capita of the United stated is 49,965 in US dollars and the income is very high. Back in 1980 when the Mount saint Helens erupted, the GDP was 12,180 dollars. In 2012 the GDP in Indonesia was 3,557 dollars, which was 2947 in 2010 when the eruption occurred. ["GDP per Capita (current US$)."]

Types of industry in area

The area around Mount saint Helens was a national park, which was used for tourism, forestry, salmon farming and some agriculture. A successful timber industry was situated near Mount saint Helens. The area around Mount Merapi was and is still being mainly used for agriculture by local farmers. Whilst there are hardly any people who live near Mount saint Helens, there are quite some villages close to mount Merapi because of...