The Volition Within

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The Volition Within Walking through the halls, distinct voices and murmurs are heard all around, echoing through the walls. Across the corners of a classroom, graffiti, broken windows with bars, and unpainted walls surround rows of desks. One might think this description is that of an asylum. Nevertheless, it is that of a classroom in Garfield High School in East Los Angeles, the classroom that Professor Jaime Escalante had improved. Taking extreme precautions, Escalante proposes that man will succeed if there is a will. Where will is present, success follows.

In the timeless film, Stand and Deliver, directed by Ramon Menendez, Jaime Escalante, portrayed by Edward James Olmos, arrives at a poor, brutal, and predominately Latino community in East Los Angles. After being enrolled as a computer teacher at Garfield High School, Escalante is given the position to teach mathematics due to the absence of computers in the school.

Struggling to adapt to the new school environment, Escalante rises to the occasion of expectation and thrives to teach his misjudged students the basics of mathematics. With great determination and perseverance, he successfully manages to win the confidence of the students including the neighborhood gangsters.

One of these gangsters, Angel Guzman, enacted by Lou Diamond Phillips, considers and alters the ideas of mathematics instead of his life of crime and tribulation. He also encourages his fellow classmates to listen and learn from Escalante as trust is developed. After careful consideration, Escalante breaks the limit of the school's curriculum and proposes to have an advanced placement calculus course during the summer and during the course of the year, which includes the senior years of his fellow students.

Through vigorous study during the summer time and also during the school year, they take the advanced placement calculus test, in which the...