Von Dutch (trucker's cap)

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Three years ago, it would never even be dreamt of that this "simple" cap would be in such hot demand and emerge to become the next impeccable fashion icon in the history. A Von Dutch truckers' cap has become a MUST HAVE for almost every person from the United States to countries all the way as far as Hong Kong and Japan. Thanks to Paris Hilton!! Her somewhat unfortunate ending in one of "The Simple Life" reality show episode, featuring Nicole Richie and Paris soaking in spilled milk with their camouflage Von Dutch cap had successfully trigger the Von Dutch fever craze ever since. It is quite a blessing in disguise after all don't you agree?? Within hours, the caps were being auctioned for three times their retail value on ebay and the next thing you know, as if it is a Louis Vuitton cap instead, everybody is racing down the store hunting for one, of course, except that the price for Von Dutch caps are much cheaper… Later on, celebrities such as Justin Timberlake was seen wearing a Von Dutch cap to Grammy after parties, the trend was closely followed by others such as Ashton Kutcher, Britney Spears, Leonardo DiCaprio, P.Daddy,

Beyonce Knowles and so on… the trend was then rigorously continued by the mass "fashion victims" who had always thought it to be "cool" to imitate celebrity's style of fashion. So what exactly is so special about these Von Dutch truckers' caps? Well, firstly each of the cap design is unique and is only limited to 1000 piece per design all around the world, which greatly guarantees and enhances its exclusiveness. Moreover, they are made out of selection of quality fabrics such as denim, velvet, terrycloth leather, and faux Dalmation fur. However, are they really different from the other brands of caps?? The answer is not really, they are just like any other caps but they are like the Nike shoes that were worn by Micheal Jordon in the NBA with the price being tripled! Still falling for the fashion trap? Up to you…