The Von Stauffenberg Plot

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Claus Philipp Maria Graf Schenk von Stauffenberg was born on November 15th, 1907 in Jettingen. He was born to a noble Roman Catholic family. Claus had twin brothers that were two years older than him. Their names were Alexander and Berthold. Berthold joined the resistance while in the Navy during the war. Alexander did not and he was the only member of the family who survived the war. However, Claus would later join the resistance like his brother Berthold. Stauffenberg was a very intelligent and very organized man. Stauffenberg had a lot of self-control. For example, it says in the book, An Honourable Defeat, by Anton Gill, that, "Stauffenberg was a heavy smoker all his life, but could stop at will if it was necessary to do so."(p228)

Claus was a very intelligent young man because he attended Eberhard Ludwig Grammar School, which was one of Germany's best. It was about 250 years old at the time, which goes to show how great it was for staying around that long.

A great example of how he was so organized was that, "if his boots were not lined up side by side, he could become furious."(p228) Stauffenberg's hero was one of his ancestors. An August Wilhelm Anton Graf Neidhart con Gneisenau, who fought in the American War of Independence with the British. He was also the Commander-in-Chief of the Prussian Army. August resisted Napoleon throughout his life and he effectively defended Kolberg in 1807.

Claus was established with the George Circle in 1923. His older brothers introduced him to this in 1923, when they were students at Heidelberg University. The George Circle was an elite group of talented young men who were disciples of the poet Stefan George. George published poems about a new Germany, a new Germany that would...