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Von Willebrands is one of the most common hereditary diseases. Von Willebrands' was first founded in 1926 by Erik Von Willebrands (http://medinfo.wustl.edu). Von Willebrands is a disease in which skin bleeds for an abnormal amount of time after and injury. People who are getting this disease are missing Factor VIII, which helps clot the blood (World Encyclopedia, Vol. 20).

Usually, Von Willebrands effects both sexes unlike hemophilia. This disease occurs nation-wide but mostly in Scandinavian countries (World Encyclopedia, Vol. 20).

The symptoms of getting this disease are excessive bleeding of the gums, nose, and menstrual cycle. Other symptoms are easy bruising and long bleeding after surgery (http://www.wfh.org/von_w.html).

There are only a few treatments available which help put Factor VIII back in to the blood. One available over the counter is desmopressin acetate. Doctors say that some people shouldn't donate blood because you could pass "transfusion transmitted disease." Most people that get this disease live fairly active lives, without serious bleeding.

People with such a disease should avoid serious actives because you might get an injury.

Doctors recommend that people with this disease should carry identification cards to warn medical personnel to their bleeding tendencies (http://medinfo.wustl.edu).

My grandmother has the disease and so does my real father. My grandmother says that it doesn't effect you as bad as it sounds. Although recurrent nose bleeds get pretty annoying and seeing bruising get frustrating. But she also says you know its not as bad having some other disease such as cancer or diabetes (Barbara Manosh, grandmother).

Von Willebrands isn't the worst disease anyone could have it just get in the way. I have many suspicions I have this disease. This was interesting disease to study because I never knew of the disease until my mother told me.