How to vote in USA

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Step1Understand the voting process, 1st you must be a registered voter to even cast your ballot. Visit your local county office for information about becoming a registered voter. It is your right and responsibility to vote and to vote smart. Get registered if you are not now.

Step2Vote smart and not with your heartReview where your candidates stand on the issues, this is the most important step as this will effect how the country will be ran for the next 4 years. I will provide links in the resources for you to review these. Don't vote for someone because they are a woman or because they are black but rather because of where they stand on issues that you agree with such as health care or pulling our troops out of wars.

Step3Cast your ballot on election day with the confidence that you are choosing the right person to guide your country for the next four years.

It doesn't matter if you have registered democrat, republican or other. Choose the person that is right for the job, think of yourself as the boss hiring an employee.

Step4This is the part that is tricky, the electoral college determines who their vote is for. How does the Electoral College Elects the President?When you vote for a presidential candidate you are really voting to instruct the electors from your state to cast their votes for the same candidate. For example, if you vote for the Republican candidate, you are really voting for an elector who will be "pledged" to vote for the Republican candidate. The candidate who wins the popular vote in a state wins all the pledged votes of the state's electors.

Am I eligible to vote?According to the Federal Election Commission, you must:Be a citizen of the United StatesBe a resident...