Voter Apathy

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VOTER APATHY The main fault in elections today is voter apathy, or the choice a registered voter makes to not participate in the voting process of an election. The low voter turnout is a result of many different reasons. Some voters have little or no interest in the election, others feel their vote will not make a difference either way, and don't bother to take the time to vote. And yet, other voters choose not to vote because of a lack of good candidates to choose from.

The voter turn out has become so low, there are more people not voting then people who do vote. In the 1996 presidential election, 51% of registered voters did not vote, and that value has only become worse with the time that has passed. Only 38% of eligible voters participated in the mid-term elections in 1998.

It is debatable if the candidates are the ones at fault for this.

Some candidates spend too much time with negative campaigning, trying to make the opponent look bad, and worrying about media coverage, then to give a detailed opinion about a position.... what really counts. This leaves voters uneducated about the candidates and unsure which candidate would be best to support with their vote.

In our society, people are more likely to vote in an election if they actively dislike one of the candidates running. The candidate is seen as a threat to them, and provides a motivation for registered voters to go to the polls and vote. People who like both candidates, even if they like one significantly more than the other, are not as likely to vote as those who like one and dislike the other. These impressions about a candidate can be influenced by neighbors, family members, and co-workers. If a person's family,