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Voting Methods in the United States: Pros and Cons Table of Contents Abstract Page 3 Voting Methods in the United States: Pros and Cons Page 4 Conclusion Page 9 Bibliography Page 10 Page 10 Bibliography Fradin, D.B. (1985). Voting in Elections. Chicago, IL: Childrens Press.

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Page 9 Conclusion In conclusion, while it may seem that our current methods of voting are outdated and Possibly not very reliable at times, especially in close elections, we are at least assured That when we enter the booth to cast our vote, that it is kept secret. It is our responsibility to read the instructions and ask for help when we do not understand.

We cannot blame anyone but ourselves if we do not take the time to do something so important as voting correctly. It would be great if there was a method everyone could use with equal ease, that preserved our privacy, and allowed for accuracy, however this system may never exist. We must ask ourselves whether we are willing to trade our right to privacy for the convenience of voting from home.

Page 8 One of the biggest obstacles facing a change in our voting methods, is the cost of beginning such a system. Since voting equipment is bought at the local level, will all areas have the budget to purchase the equipment required? Are we so disgusted with our present methods of voting that we are will to take money from other services, such as streets, police and fire departments, schools, etc. in order to fund the new system?...