Vulgar rap lyrics, thier causes, effects, etc.

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Harder, Faster, Stronger:

Pushing The Envelope

People say that I'm a bad influence

I say the world's already fucked, I'm just addin' to it

They say I'm suicidal, teenagers' newest idol {c'mon!}

C'mon do as I do, go ahead get mad and do it

-Eminem (Bad Influence, End of Days Soundtrack (1999))

Today's popular rap music contains what many consider to be some of the most explicit and often offensive subject matter ever contained in popular music. There is widespread controversy over the censorship of such materials, the reason for such materials, and the effects of such materials. In understanding this social issue, as with any social issue, it is important to look back through history for examples and patterns that are not merely short term anomalies, but objective sociological patterns. Music is undoubtedly very important to a large number of individuals which makes it necessary to examine influence it has on these individuals and our society as a whole.

After examining these ideas it can be found that the vulgarity and explicitness of today's rap lyrics follow a long standing trend that has shown no sign of causing harm to society.

One of popular music's advantages has always been it's catchy hooks, rhythmic hits, and exciting, memorable lyrics. For a band to become popular and marketable on a mainstream national marketing level, all of these must be present. This is because a song that does not leave a lasting impression on the listener will not sell well. How many songs have you heard once and forgotten immediately? Probably plenty. Of those songs you have forgotten, how many of them influenced you to buy an album? The answer is clearly and undeniably none. To ensure their success many popular lyricists have "pushed the envelope" of social many social taboos including...