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In the novel, Waiting Games, by Bruce Hart, Jessie struggles to listen to her heart. Jessie is a thirteen-soon-to-be-fourteen year old girl who begins to develop into an attractive young lady. She began taking guitar lessons and she started to fall for her instructor, a sixteen year old guy named Michael. As Michael gave Jessie more attention, she started to fall deeper into what her heart was telling her. Jessie and Michael did not care for their age difference because they thought that what they had was love. Nothing mattered to Jessie except for Michael because she thought that he was all she needed. Jessie thought that she could have a good grip on things, despite what her parents told her, but she soon found out that she had much to learn about this game we call "love."

Jessie's parents were strongly against Jessie and Michael's relationship. Her parents thought it would be best to take Jessie 2 hours away from home and stay in a cottage for the duration of the summer.

While she was away, Michael was given the chance to perform his music infront of live audiences. When Michael and Jessie reunited over the summer, things were not the same. Jessie tried to pretend that nothing was wrong, and she worked so hard to keep their relationship together, she even lost her virginity to him. Michael's popularity and fame were growing, but the relationship he had with Jessie was deteriorating.

The theme of this book is based on how the characters of the novel treated Jessie, with bitterness. There was bitterness to Jessie first by her parents who did not care about Jessie and her grow for love. Instantly they forbid Jessie to see Michael just because they knew of his age. When Jessie talked...