Waiting By Ha Jin

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In the Novel, Waiting by Ha Jin, the author tells a dramactic love story of a selfish and careless man, who was force into an arranged marriage by his parents to a women whom he do not love. He then fell in love with another girl and promise her that he'll divorce his wife and marry her. Lin waited for 18 years for the divorce, but when he finally got what he thought he wanted, he realize that he is still waiting for something that dosen't seem to exist.

Lin had never thought of marriage or having a family. He work as a doctor in a chinese military, all he really care about was his job. But up until one day, he was force to marry a girl he never met. Lin was the type of guy who never thought of getting marry, he was never really into any girls.

When Manna had thought of the idea of Lin divorcing his wife, he was excited and happy because he thought everything in his life would be much better if het gets a divorce and marry Manna. Everyday, he couldnt stop daydreaming of him and Manna living together and having a family.

18 years had passed, Lin and his wife were finally divorce, Lin didnt really show any happinesses when he got the divorce, probbaly because he had waited for 18 years and that it dosent even matter to him no more. Lin is the type of person who only care about himself, he's a selfish man. When he finally got the divorce with his wife Shuyu, he got marry with Manna, then she was pregnant with his baby. While she was pregnant, Lin didn't really show any love or concern for her. Soon Lin had...