Wal-Mart And Target Challenge

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Wal-Mart and Target Challenge The Wal-Mart and the Target stores in Mt. Pleasant have many similarities and many differences. Together we will describe for you these similarities and differences. They are both large department stores that sell many fine goods. Throughout our study we discovered Target is the premier place to shop.

Target has many great features! As we arrived at Target it was easy for us to find a good parking space. As we entered the door we saw they had a gift registry. We also were pleased to see that they had a full service food eatery. They sold things from frozen cokes to soft pretzels. Wal-Mart did not offer any of these conveniences. As we walked the store we noticed that everything was cleaner and newer then their competitor Wal-Mart. They sell better quality, and name brand products then Wal-Mart. For instance, we looked at the electronics at both stores.

At Target we found a large supply of name brands such as Sony, RCA, and Audiovox. At Wal-Mart they only supplied a few smaller name brand products such as, Panasonic and Emerson. Younger generations would rather buy name brand products where they have a larger selection of high quality brands. Which brings us to another good feature about Target. While we were visiting Target and Wal-Mart, we compared the types age groups of people who were shopping at each store. We found that the people at Target were more college age students, where at Wal-Mart they were older generations.

On our visit to Wal-Mart we were reminded of their catch phrase. As we walked through the door we saw the smiley face that slashes the prices and we thought, "Rolling back prices."� Target does not have a catch phrase that we could think of when we...