Wal-Mart's Management

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Wal-Mart's Management

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The organizing function of management within any organization corresponds with activities, which usually results within the responsibilities, power of authority, and an organization of effort. Within these organizations, management deals with the current workforce, instructs personnel, obtains resources, and motivates the workforce into a prolific team. Organizing also can be contributed to the tasks sets, which organize persons and groups into accomplishing a goal. Physical assets, monetary, human resources, knowledge and technology are prime examples of resources that assisting in developing the establishment of the organization.

WAL-MART is a force within the retail industry as the #1 competitive business with over 7,000 stores, which include Supercenters, Sam's Clubs, and even warehouses, that have expanded beyond just the United States into both Canada and Mexico as well. Wal-Mart, when measured by its total revenue, is the largest retailer - measured by both net sales and income increases from its operating stores.

Its primary products and service lines generally lie within the competition of its Discount and Variety Retail, as well as Electronics and Appliances Retail, Drug Stores and Pharmacies, and Gasoline Retailers (Hoovers, 2008).

Physical Assets

Wal-Mart includes physical assets within its organization that are developed in such a way that allows for utilizing efficient methods in order to manage these assets. Such factors of its environment are quite evident in one example - its retail prices. This is important because in essence, if Wal-Mart was less efficient in managing its physical assets, more money will have to spent, and profits will decrease (as a result of the lack in maximizing profits), and its competitors will drive it out of the market. However, this is not the case with Wal-Mart. The various consumer goods...