Walden by Henry David Thoreau

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1) Economy

- put the sory in first person point of view

- Thoreau bought cottage from James Collins

- took boards from cottage and built a house on Walden Pond, Massachusetts

- lived there 2 years, 2 months, 2 days

- built a chimney

- began to live in house on 4th July

- had farm on his land, income was $ 14.72

- house costed $ 28.12

2) Where I lived and what I lived for

- simple life, change routine

- instead of 3 meals a day, one is satisfactory

- instead of 100 dishes, 5 are enough

- wanted to live a highly disciplined citizen of " Ancient Greek city state Sparta"

- keep accounts of thumbnail

- doesn't like society, thinks society overreacts, society too coplicated

3) Solitude

- no matter how many people you're around, you can still be alone in your mind

- everyone is different, was not lonely, observed nature

- Thoreau doesn't want to live near people but near "the perennial source of our life" (God, nature)

4) The Bean Field

- hard work is the key to happiness in life

- T.

worked on bean field form 5 in the morning till noon every day

- battle to produce food: allies: rain and sun; enemies: worms, cold weather

- many allusions from Greek Mythologie used in text

- observed every step of process to grow beans

5) Brute Neighbors

- don't fight with your neighbors

- ants fighting like humans

- looms playing on the pond with Thoreau

- animals enjoy playing, fighting, having victory

- animals are a lot like humans

6) Conclusion

- reason: change his routine, look at things different

-left woods to feel, think again

- path from house to lake--> routine

- no dream...