A walk in life.

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A walk in Life

Like a path in the woods,

So our journey goes,

Where life will take us,

Noone really knows.

Some lay beside the path,

Others fall behind,

Each has a path to walk,

And Each a path to find.

Some times the path gets shadowed in,

Some times it twists and turns,

But when the path's regained again,

Lessons have been learned.

And when we to a crossroads come,

Unsure of the path to take,

We boldly step forth and take a chance,

A part of life is to learn from our mistake.

One day, I pray, I'll find a girl,

And our paths they shall unite,

And all our days we'll walk in love,

And make it through the night.

And When we come to our path's end,

Together we will be,

For so our lives are entwined,

For all Eternity.