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'A Walk to Remember'- by Nicholas Sparks


'A walk to remember' is the 2002 inspirational love storey, directed by Adam Shankman and based on the novel written by Nicolas sparks .The film is about two people who unexpectedly fall in love with each other. It expresses how the power of faith and love can change people for the better. Landon was a trouble maker who didn't care about school until he met Jamie a shy outsider who is religious and intelligent. Throughout the movie their complicated relationship develops as we see them grow and change together. Many themes are portrayed in the movie such as Unrequited forbidden love, Hopelessness and Faith. The director has utilised quick cut shots, high camera angles and lighting to convey these themes.

Paragraph 1:

Unrequited love is portrayed in the scene where Landon tells Jamie that he loves her. Here the director uses quick cut shots between the characters faces.

The switching between close up shots allows the audience to see the emotions and reactions to Landon's admission of love. Very little dialogue is used here to further enhance the one sided nature of this love. Landon is expecting Jamie to return the love however prolonged silence indicates this is not the case. This one-sided conversation continues until Jamie finally replies "I told you not to fall in love with me" showing that this could also be seen as forbidden love.

Paragraph 2:

Another theme, Hopelessness, is depicted just after Jamie tells Landon about her Leukaemia. To express Landon's reaction to Jamie's mortality the director has used frequent high camera angles of Landon's car driving aimlessly. This allows the audience to establish Landon's isolation from other characters. Here he is trying to find a way to help Jamie but he doesn't know...