Walks, Voice, And Faces

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Some people walk so funny like if they had a pamper. This one peculiar person walked like if he had twenty pounds in each pocket of his pants, he walked all low almost as low as if he was a low rider car. Oh. This people walked straight and with their head moving a lot or just plain still. Some people walk with a hunch in their backs or with their shoulders up to their cheeks. People could walk all weird, and there are different kinds of weird like they swing their arms all over the place, the one, which does movements with their legs and/or feet, and the plain weird ones.

There were voices that sound like if they are from cartoon characters. There was this one voice that made me laugh so much, people thought I was crazy, because it was squeaky, loud, girly voice. The voice I thought most grown ups have is a deep, rough voice that sounded like Mr.

Ibarra, it was just a little more louder. This other voice was soft and gentle and talked very slow as a turtle.

A man "˜s voice was all western and he talked fast and like as if he was to say a thousand words in a second. The only normal voice I heard was from a boy, which talked normal, not soft and not loud.

People could make very funny faces at the same time they could be their normal faces. There was this face that looked like a turtle because it was all wrinkled and droopy and the face looks like if it was a boring man. Another face looks very patient and calm because while a train is passing and is like 110*F and the train is being there like one hour and she is still not mad she is happy and smiling. Meanwhile a man looks desperate and mad because of the train, his eyebrows look like glazing fire and the eyes shot fire when they look at you. Some other faces are filled with sadness and tears because of the happening in New York. Some old faces look like pug dogs, with all the skin hanging from the face bones and could have some facial hairs that look like the fur of the dogs. Some other faces are freaky because they have like a million earrings all over the faces.

Another face could look like peaceful, calm and trustful.