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Daniel McCarthy

English Comp 1

My Night at the Garden

I've always dreamt of what it would be like to watch a New York Knicks game at the Garden sitting courtside in Spike Lee's seats. Maybe sitting with a good friend or maybe even a girlfriend. Sitting so close to the action that I could see the sweat fall from a player and descend to the hardwood. It would be amazing.

During the holiday season a few years ago I was about to live part of that dream. My father had been given two tickets from his boss to see Saint John's play at Madison Square Garden. His boss who owns season tickets on the floor to the Red Storm games was going on one of his many vacations and couldn't make the game and decided to give the tickets to my father. The seats were amazing, two courtside seats right next to where you see the legendary director sitting in at every Knicks game.

I wasn't going to see the Knicks but at least I was going to the Garden.

Like most college basketball early season tournaments the game was played on a week night. It was all planned out for my dad and me to meet up after work near the stadium for some dinner and drinks before the game. Only a couple hours before the game was to set to tip-off my father had to cancel and gave me the tickets to take anyone I wanted. All of my friends would of loved a chance to go to this game at any other moment besides this one. They all became responsible adults on this Tuesday night and had to work the next morning or had other unbreakable plans.

I had to go to plan B which...