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This paper is about a company's good strategy for developing relationships with their customers and how those strategies are the key to the success of the business. This paper will also discuss how they handle their customer's complaints, how they provide information about new or existing products, how they place their orders, if they receive any other feedback for their customers and how they track their orders.

Wal-Mart's Customer ServiceIntroductionAccording to David Glass, Wal-Mart's key to success is that it thinks like the customer, give a good value in product for the customer, sell the customer what he or she really wants to buy, exceeds the customer's expectation and ensures that the customer enjoy themselves in the process. (Lisanti, 2004, ¶ 1)According to the founder and chairman Sam Walton the word CUSTOMER is a very important word to Wal-Mart it is the gospel. Wal-Mart slogan is the "Little Things' Add Up to Trust."

Wal-Mart lives by that slogan. (Lisanti, 2004, ¶ 3)Wal-Mart's customer strategy is to have almost every aspect of their business centered on its customer from the greeter, the design of the store, the bar code, and the lighting of the store, from the very complex to the very smallest detail is done with the Wal-Mart customers in mind. (Lisanti, 2004, ¶ 5)*Handling C*ustomer *C*omplaintsWal-Mart handles their customer's complaints in a fast and friendly manner. I recently had a complaint in which I had purchased a defected item. I carried the item back to the store and was greeted with a smile. I explained my situation to the person that was standing at the entrance of the store who was checking for receipts, I was told to give him the package and go and get a replacement and bring it back to him. I found the replacement...