Walmart's Market Trends

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Market Trends PaperTeam C will try to explain the type of market trends Wal-Mart will face as the world's largest retailer. In the process Team C will attempt to describe our conclusions of how those trends such as prices, technology, wages and benefits, competitors and the impact of government regulations will change or not change. In conclusion, Team C will try to explain why some market trends change and others will not change.

Trends come and go, Wal-Mart as the world's largest retailer is here to stay. The way market structure trends go Wal-Mart will probably still continue practicing a little bit of all the structures, perfect competition, monopolies, monopolistic competition, and oligopolies. Which market trend will be used will depend on what part of the world Wal-Mart is dealing with at the time. Organizations like Wal-Mart compete in the global marketplace by knowing and distinguishing the different market structures (Colander, 2004).

The global arena is influenced by the market structures businesses use. Organizations like Wal-Mart will determine the best strategy by considering all the alternatives available (Colander, 2004). New companies entering the marketplace will need to consider the optimum variety of opportunities available, with a focus on economic geography (Buckley and Ghauri, 2004). Many companies are not aware of the supply of labor and wages in developing countries. Some organizations are not aware of the legal immigration restrictions that are involved in doing business in the global marketplace. This is especially true in those jobs that cannot be easily tracked (Colander, 2004). In certain markets, new organizations in the global market arena might get together and limit output so they can get higher prices (Colander, 2004).

New organizations in the global marketplace need to be aware that economic forces can operate instantaneously and usually are unimpeded by political and...