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Walt Disney Walt Disney was born in Chicago, Illinois, and grew up in Marceline, Missouri, living on a farm. He graduated from Benton School on June 8, 1917. At the time he had a local paper route, where he met many new people. His older brother Roy recommended that he should work on the railroad "Van Noyes Interstate", selling food and things like that. Roy worked on the railroad himself. Later, he became a postman. He wanted to participate in the war, but was too young. When he went to his father (Elias) to sign off on the permission form, lying about his age, he refused to. He claimed that is was just like signing off on his death sentence. Flora (his mother) argued with Elias, saying that she would rather sign and know where he is than have him run off. Flora ended up forging his fater's name on the slip.

Walter became a volunteer for the American Ambulance Corps. (Thomas 379) One thing Walt loved to do was draw and animate! For many years he started and failed at many attempts in an animation career. When he moved to Kansas City, Missouri, he experimented with cartooning and animation. Starting with little more than,"ambition, optimism, and a talent for storytelling," (Thomas 379), he moved to Los Angeles, where he planned to market his first films. "He wanted his pictures to reflect the feeling of happy excitement that he had as he was a kid." One of his first series was the Alice Comedies, which featured real life like characters with animated backgrounds. The cartoons' main character starred Virginia Davis. For these films, Walt did all of the animation himself. The films, Laugh-O-Grams, played in movie theaters before the feature presentation. Walt hired his first animator, Rollin Hamilton, then...