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This is one of the most fabulous books I have ever read, it is a biography of Walter Elias Disney, also know as the creator of Mickey Mouse. Walt was born Chicago on December 5, 1901. When he was first born he learned a lot about his father's occupation as he grew; his father was a farmer. Walt has many big brothers, the most important one is Roy, you will find out why he is important later in this book report. Walt has only one sister, which is younger than him. As Walt grew older he was forced to work for his father, that is why his two eldest brothers ran away. Later Walt studied briefly at art schools in Chicago and Kansas City, Missouri. In 1923 he began to produce animated motion pictures in Hollywood in partnership with his brother Roy Disney. Disney produced a cartoon series, Oswald the Rabbit, for Universal Pictures.

Steamboat Willie, produced by his own company, introduced Disney's most popular and enduring cartoon character, Mickey Mouse. This film also utilized sound for the first time in an animated cartoon. His Silly Symphony series was inaugurated with Skeleton Dance; he first used color in a film of this series, Flowers and Trees. Disney originated the feature-length cartoon with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and followed it with other feature-length films, such as Pinocchio, Fantasia, and Bambi. In the 1950s and '60s Walt Disney Productions, was one of the major producers of films for theaters and television. As the scope of his enterprises expanded, Disney retained as much artistic control as possible. The company was involved in the publication of books for children and the syndication of comic strips, most of them featuring such characters as Donald Duck and Pluto, the dog.