Walt Disney Company, Burbank California

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Walt Disney Company, Burbank California

Walt Disney, others might argue, has been the greatest inventor of all time, coming up with Disney productions, such as films, clothes, resorts and many more. Disney has come to be known as a world where fairytales magic, happiness, optimism and the hope of happy endings are all possible. One of the reasons it is so popular with children is because it encourages them to dream, and to know that their dreams can be possibilities. From Disney's onset in 1983, it has experienced unprecedented success in its productions, until recently when it began facing challenges that have hindered their optimum growth. These challenges and the solutions are proposed and explored in this paper.

The first major challenge Disney faces are that its characters are no longer appealing to the current generation. In this case, characters such as Mickey Mouse and Winnie-the-Pooh which were a huge success fifty years ago, no longer receive that kind of recognition today that they did.

More appealing characters are being created that are tailor made to excite and keep viewers interested in them. The second major problem is that Disney animation targets only a specific age group and is not appealing to the other demographic clusters. This reduces the number of viewers that it might have. Another problem it faces is the deteriorating condition of its brands and products as demand for them has decreased. Lastly Disney is also facing an identity crisis in trying to regain direction in deciding type of business it is and explicitly state what they are offering offer. These challenges have forced Disney into a position where they have to choose to grow, stay the same or to retrench. As the new Chief executive officer, I would propose for Disney to remain as it...