Walt Disney a man of visualization

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Walt Disney has touched the hearts of many, adults and children alike, all over the world, with his amazing effects of Disney films over the years.

Walt Disney was born December the 5th 1901 to parents Elais and Flora Disney in Illinois, his family and himself moved cities to Marceline Missouri when he was very young.

From an early age Walt would do drawings of cartoon characters, and sell them to neighbours to make extra money.

Walt pursued his career at high school in Chicago studying art and photography, he was highly encouraged by his brother Roy and mum Flora, to pursue a career.

Walt's father was a quite stern man and often there was very little money.

In 1918 Walt attempted to enlist for military service but was rejected on the grounds of being under age. Instead he became a driver for the Red Cross ambulance service in France.

The ambulance he drove was covered in cartoon characters, which he had drawn himself.

On Walt's return from France, he pursued his own company and called it 'Laugh-0-Gram' which was unsuccessful, and he went bankrupt. With his suitcase and only 20 dollars to his name he headed for Hollywood, California.

Walt then put himself in-to the making of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, which was two years of production and a lot of hard work, More than 750 Disney artists used over 5000 miles of paper to create more than 2 million drawings and sketches. Disney went through many designs for Snow White before settling on the perfect fairy tale princess.

For each second on screen for the animators they had 24 pictures to do, with each one being a bit different from the last. To make the characters appear to move, some bits had to be cut...