Walt Disney Problems and Alternatives

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Financial Analysis.

Executive Summary

The origins of the Walt Disney Company can be traced back to seven decade. Walt Disney and his brother Roy formed the Walt Disney Bros. Studio, which produced short animation clips. After much disappointment and many financial downfalls, the Walt Disney Bros. Studio finally produced the successful animated film Steamboat Willie. Steamboat Willie was the firs animated movie to incorporate sound. Because Walt was the inspiration behind this animated movie and the inspiration for the whole studio, it seemed fitting that the studio was renamed Walt Disney Productions. Walt Disney believed in, including great attention to detail and the constant striving for improvement and creativity. Disney quickly became the leading animation studio. From the very beginning, Walt dreamed of building an amusement park for the enjoyment of honest American families. Walt Disney Productions opened up Disneyland in Anaheim, California, back to five decade.

Over the years, many disagreements arose between the "Walt Men" and the "Roy Men" about the future of the company. But the brothers were able to reconcile their difference before Walt died of lung cancer. After Roy Men Death Company faces many difficulties, lack of leadership was most important problem for company. After his death company leadership change many times and because of that high turnover company's growth rate decrease and his share price also decrease. After that Michael Eisner and Frank Wells joined the Disney Team. Eisner provided the creativity and determination needed for Disney to expand and grow, and Wells provided a way to implement and profit from Eisner's ideas. Disney's first attempt at global expansion occurred two decade before with the opening of Tokyo Disneyland. Disney entered into a joint venture with Oriental Land Company...