What I Want

Essay by Xdeath5 May 2005

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I want what I always can't have. I want my college to cost less so that I wont have to pay off my loans in the future. I want a new BMW 745i, with spinners from Giovanni and a white on white design with interior white leather. I want my cell phone to have reception anywhere I go. I want all the beautiful girls in the world to love me. I want to have a body like I have been lifting weights all my life, so that I wont even need all the beautiful girls in the world to love me. I want my great grandfather to be alive. I would want to meet him and thank him for fighting in WWII so bravely. I want my friend Kyle to stop having diabetes. I want him to live a regular life like the rest of us. I want the Israelis to stop fighting with the Palestinians, because every time I hear that there has been another attack I could feel something tug at me from inside.

I want all the people who think about murdering or robbing someone to be put in jail before they actually commit the crime. I want life to be one big party. I want to be able to fly anywhere at any time, so that I could go to the beaches of Cancun and relax there after a hard day of classes. I want to live in a mansion where there is a butler who serves to all my small whimsical needs. In my mansion I want everything to be made out of silver, even the toilet. The only thing that will not be silver is the silverware, and even that would be platinum. My bed would be made out of silver and even...