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Ever since the right to vote was bestowed upon me, I felt that I was a citizen of this Republic who has the access to all the freedom packaged with Suffrage. However, like the majority of all true-blooded activists, I hate Politics. I just like to criticize them. Now that election is neigh, I am exercising one of my rights - that is the right to speak out against the ills and the hidden agenda behind this entire bid for a public office.

The Presidential and Vice Presidential posts are the most prestigious and coveted seats in the Government. It gives the elected the prime privileges of the land, it gives them the authority to meter out laws, it gives them the ability to be the forerunner for our country, in short, it gives them POWER. This power is so great that it can make or break us all if abused.

This is the reason why these aspirants enter into this dog-eat-dog competition and risk all that they have including their self-dignity by dancing to the tune of "Ocho-ocho", just to get a few more votes. At this time, knowing that being a President/Vice President is equivalent to holding our nation by the neck, we ask: What qualities should our future head of the nation have?

Like all beauty pageants, academic awards, and reality-based "artista search" contest, the political candidates also has this certain criteria in order to run. First case-in-point: He should be a natural born citizen, and for me this should not include those with dual citizenships. Our leader will be our representative in all affairs, and I'd rather believe someone who represents his/her country who has us in mind cause he/she is one of us. Mind you too, that this cannot be resolved by tearing up your...