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Wars Over time, the human race seems to be killing itself off. Each situation is different according to specific conflicts, most motives can be generalized by three overall themes as I have found. Mainly it is the struggle for power and control. The other reason war can come about is segregation and undying prejudice. Humans hate other humans when ones beliefs contradict with their own. These human traits have been the reason for thousands upon thousands deaths.

The question of power is a big cause of all the bloodshed over time. Those who are the strongest and greediest are selected to live, and those who are not, are selected to die. For example WWII, the German main priority was to rule and take over the world. It all stems back to greed and the effect it had on society was tremendous. The greed of a nation almost destroyed an entire race of people.

Not only did it change society, but it also changed how people thought. This war also brought out the Nazi's philosophy and the hatred of certain races. It took the help of many nations to end this war.

Greed and power is not the only reason for war through out the years. Another reason is the abundance of intolerance in our diverse world. What gives somebody the right to live on a certain portion of land and a person of a different race not to. Take for instance the Jews and the Palestinians. Some people need to learn how to share. It has been so long since the conflict has started that they are both are so stubborn and both so full of hate for one another that they keep the war at large. This brings death to a bunch of racist and encouragement to future generations to hold the same mentality, and one of the seven signs for the end of the world as stated in the Bible. The effects of this particular cause of war are endless.

To me nothing good comes from war, just a lot of unnecessary bloodshed. Greed, and intolerance are just not worthy of the effects they bring upon us. They truly do not deserve our lives or the lives of the people we love. I feel bad for judging these people with out knowing the exact circumstances that brought these wars, but this was just my opinion. To an extent only, and until our society changes we will be plagued with this disease of war, this disease of which there is no cure.