War Of 1812

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Politics in the Gilded Age, 1869 - 1889: The "Bloody Shirt" Elects Grant General Ulysses S. Grant, popular northern hero: rescued the Union, nominated by Republicans in 1868.

Democrats: 1.) Wealthy Eastern delegates - federal bonds redeemed in gold. 2.) Poorer Midwestern delegates - "Ohio Idea" - exchange in greenbacks.

Former Governor of New York Horatio Seymour nominated by Democrats - rejected "repudiation" plank.

Grant defeated Seymour 214 electoral votes to 80, majority of 300,000 -- white voters supported Seymour. 500,000 former slaves favored Grant -- to remain in power, Republicans need to control the South.

The Era of Good Stealings Jim Fisk & Jay Gould - concocted plot in 1869 corner the gold market. "Black Friday" (September 24, 1869) Fish and Gould bid the price of gold excessively.

Burly "Boss" Tweed - Tweed Ring in New York City; excessively overpaid workers for their labor.

New York Attorney Samuel J.

Tilden headed prosecution against Tweed who died behind bars.

A Carnival of Corruption Secretary of State Hamilton Fish under Grant.

Crédit Mobilier Scandal - railroad companies hired themselves to work for an extreme amount of money, in excess of $20,000 sometimes. Exposed in 1872 -- members of Congress and Vice President linked to scandal.

Whiskey Ring robbed Treasury in 1875.

Secretary of War Belknap pocketed money by selling supplies to Indians.

The Liberal Republican Revolt of 1872 Liberal Republican Party - reform minded citizens banded together in 1872 against Grant.

Horace Greeley elected for presidency of Liberal Republican Party.

Republicans re-elected Grant for presidency albeit the corruption.

Grant defeated Greeley 286 electoral votes to 66.

Republican Congress passed in 1872 general amnesty act -- remove political disabilities, reduce high tariffs, mild civil service reform.

Depression and Demands for Inflation Panic of 1873 Failure of New York banking firm of...