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Throughout history the American Dream has shaped more than just American culture, it has developed freedom in the eyes of many. Hoolywoodism shapes society, for what we believe in, how we react, and individualism. After watching the video "Jews, Hollywoodism and The American Dream," I have gained knowledge on what has happened in our history which has shaped Hollywoodism. My review of this video will proceed further into this essay as I establish my thoughts on the evaluation of the video as a source of information, my perspective of The American Dream, and how movies have shaped the American popular consciousness.

In summary this video was to me an excellent source of information because I had no idea about anything that connects Hollywood to the Jewish culture. I was fulfilled during this video because it went deep into depth about specific case studies. This helped me understand on more of a personal view of what the Jewish immigrants had to endure in America.

The Jews came to America in search of freedom and the right for individualism, but fell short of persecution, and harassment. Some of the people actually had to change their last names in order to survive in a smothering America.

While America was pushing over the Jewish population, they were defining The American Dream which they all lived by. The Jews gave hope for harmony, but there were no compromises on the surface. Most Jews couldn't find "respectable" jobs and turned to a newly growing market in moves. Jewish actors and producers became the spotlight away from persecution, they projected their dreams of individuality, rights, and freedom in the videos they were involved in. The American Dream was based on that everything was going to be balanced, with no mediums only right and wrong, everything now had to be perfect. Opportunity was a key component in this dream because it meant that everyone had a chance, you could succeed, and if you didn't you could always think "What if...", wonder in despair, and blame everyone else.

The influence that the Jewish actors in Hollywood had on the American society mostly came from all the videos that came mid-century. The stories constructed by the Jewish producers had deep messages and stuck America in the heart. They created heros, American heros, that Americans could look up to and admire.

Many of these heros came from the west and taming the frontier, although after WWII they hit their big fame on documentaries and life times of veterans. Love stories also played a big part in the Hollywood history.

Great lovers, Jewish desires, publicised to many defined history and its future.

In conclusion this video has opened my eyes to some of histories moments that have been shed to my eyes. It goes into great detail about Jewish immigrants, The American Dream, and Hollywood conformity. For the Jewish Hollywoodism I'm sure that not all will ever be told, but this is a good start for opening up.