The War of 1965: Mission Kashmir.

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Kashmir is primarily a Muslim state, however the ruler is Hindu. The dispute between whether Kashmir belongs to India or Pakistan aroused in 1947, although the actual violence started in the mid 1960's. My dad and his family were scared and worried. They had to leave their cities because enemy planes were dropping bombs on them and the city was turning into a battlefield. The war started because India had occupied the state of Kashmir, which belonged to Pakistan, and Pakistan wanted to get it back, it being a majority Muslim state. The war had many horrifying effects on him and his family. School was shut down for several months, businesses were closed, and all new projects and developments were on hold. Depression and misery spread throughout. When the war finally came to an end and peace spread throughout the city once more, everyone was happy and relieved. Schools reopened and everything became normal once again.

India and Pakistan signed an agreement, which was supposed to resolve the issue of Kashmir by negotiations. However, the position of Kashmir is still in conflict today.