The War In Afghanistan

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The War in Afghanistan Terrorists versus America. On September 11 Osama Bin Laden and his followers attacked America by hijacking four commercial airliners. Two smashed into each of the two World Trade Centers in New York, One rammed into the Pentagon, and the last one was brought down by revolting passengers sacrificing their lives for others who might have died if the attack was successful. The battle lines were drawn that day.

The United States is not fighting against Islam but the terrorists of the world. Bin Laden is being targeted because he has confessed in a home made video in a cave of planning the hijackings. President Bush has declared war and we have begun bombing in Afghanistan. Are hijacking planes and flying into them morally correct? I think it is morally wrong because the hijacker has to kill people on the plane then we he crashes it, it ended killing thousands.

Killing or murdering is wrong. The terrorist has openly decided and probably had time to think about his actions before he would do them. No one had a gun to his head forcing onto the planes, it was obviously planned and executed with complete consciousness. The only possible right that could have been done was if he truly meaningfully thought that every person in those attacked buildings and Americans should die. Only if God told him too which isn't very likely. The attacks on America were morally wrong. It will be pretty hard for us Americans and people around the world to forgive these people.

Now America versus the terrorists has begun. Over night bombings have taken place for about a month and a half. The bombings are not against the country of Afghanistan but to be against strategic Taliban and Bin Laden targets. In doing so...