War and Peace

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Should we have peace or should we have war? What are the problems associated with these.

Peace is only a period of preparation for war. War draws forth the best qualities such as courage, patience and sacrifice. War poses a big problem to mankind today. It has been there, as a terrible monster for countless generations but never before in the history of man has it been so dreadful and devastating as today. The discovery of nuclear weapons has brought mankind near the brink of disaster.

War maybe unavoidable sometimes but its progeny are terrible to contemplate. If war is natural to man it cannot be abolished. But the fact remains that alongside the invention of terrible engines of destruction man has gone on forging new methods and devices to establish peace on the earth.

The real road of peace therefore lies not in the increased armament but in the promotion of love and sympathetic understanding.

War springs from fear and hate. Peace is the fruit of mutual trust and co-operation. When two nations compete with each other in preparing for war they show destruct of each other in a very active form; their jealousy becomes keen. Too much thought of war is bound to bring war.

In the past the idea of peace might have been a dream of poets or a problem for philosophers. But today and in the future universal and lasting peace in an absolute necessity for the very existence and prosperity of the human race.

On the other hand with peace established on earth scientific planning and organization of all the affairs of life can make the entire humanity prosperous healthy happy. The earth which is now hell because of the war can be turned into paradise if co-operation, goodwill and peace are permanently...