War is Arising

Essay by Reanna_17 April 2004

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War is arising and it's to late

We are controlled by destiny and fate

Our lives we once loved will soon be over

The Irish will rely on the luck of the four-leaf clover

The man with the glasses declared alliance without any guilt

Alliance with the country that stars and stripes built

Were we asked what we wanted? No but he did tell

He told us he was putting us right in the middle of hell

Right in the line of fire

A place we ceased to desire

He led us right into the enemy's hands

And right into the enemy's lands

He's playing this country like a monopoly game

And by doing this he's loosing his fame

The leaders they think they know best

They think they know more then the rest

Now this country has become a target too

Thanks to Johnny and his manly crew

Now we must stick together, we have no choice

To fight this war and overpower his voice