War on Drugs

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Hieu Joseph Nguyen

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War on Drugs

The War on Drugs started in 1971 by President Richard Nixon. 35 years over a million nonviolent drug offenders were put behind bars. Americans allowed this war on drugs because we don't know better. This war on drugs was a profit scheme set up by the government. The media convinced society to believe that drugs are the number one enemy. What isn't advertise is that the government are the ones responsible for supplying these drugs. Compared to the war on terrorism, war on drugs is far more costly. There are other solutions to reduce drug crimes Media has played a big part in influencing society on the war on drugs, which has harmed America.

Media has always shown that we need to be a drug free nation. The people who fund these ads are tobacco and alcohol industries which is very ironic.

During the time crack cocaine emerged it was all over the media. It seemed like the media was advertising the drug because it was mentioned everywhere. This has a big societal impact due to media because drugs are being blown up, which the viewers are being subjected this hype. Dealing drugs became a way for gangs and people who lived in the ghetto to make money and survive. By declaring the war on drugs it created this black market for drugs. This war also creates money addicts because so much money was being made to whomever was selling the drugs. Instead of Media portraying how widespread a drug is, they should announce educational information about how dangerous drugs are. We can help reduce drugs and drug using by informing people of the effects of drugs.

The video states, "[…alcohol and tobacco users are not sent to jail but drug...